I’ve heard people say that a book, or even a quote, changed their life. I never really believed it. Then, I read the Productivity Project by Chris Bailey. Though I wouldn’t go so far as to say it changed my life – I will say this book changed my business.

I’ve been “that time management lady” for many years – the time strategy visionary. I lived and breathed time management! AND YET . . . I felt like something was missing. I knew there was more to being productive than “just” time management. (Don’t get me wrong – mastering important time management principles and strategies IS a HUGE part of being productive).

Now, after reading the Productivity Project, I  know that Productivity is not just TIME, but also FOCUS and ENERGY.

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Hence, the new business name! The new logo! The new title!

Goodbye Time Strategy Visionary – Hello Capacity Coach!

AND – more importantly for you – a NEW FREE WEBINAR on September 22 at 10AM Eastern: When Time Management Isn’t Enough: 3 Steps to Build Your Capacity.

If this is you …

  • You are ready to do more with less.
  • You want to make more in less time.
  • You believe you can achieve more with less effort.
  • You already implement basic time management strategies . . . and you realize that isn’t enough!

… then NOW is the time to upgrade your approach so you can achieve more and work less!

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The new definition of productivity and why the future of your business depends on you understanding it.
  • An easy-to-implement and highly effective 3-step system to increase your capacity by harnessing what is being called the 21st Century Superpower: Focus.
  • A simple system for smart women who need to stop over-committing themselves and instead start achieving their BIG goals.

You can do what I’ve done – shift into a higher capacity and reach success! Register now for this free webinar!

This webinar will be recorded. You want to register even if you cannot attend live so you can access the recording.

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