I start most of my workshops asking the attendees what they would do if they had an extra hour each day.

The #1 answer . . . sleep!

WOW – even though I know that answer is coming, it still shocks me each time.

How frustrating that we have created such a busy life that our basic need for sleep isn’t even being met!

OR – is something else going on?

To quote Dr. Ayala Malach Pines (as referenced in Tiffany Dufu’s book Drop the Ball), “The root cause of burnout is not that we have too much to do, it’s the feeling that the things we do aren’t meaningful or don’t reflect who we really are.”

Maybe the reason people feel like they need more sleep is that they don’t feel the work they do day-to-day actually has much of an impact.

Do you feel this way?

Do members of your team feel this way?

If so, here’s what you can do:

  • Identify your values, priorities, and goals – and those of each member of your team.
  • Track your activities – how well do these match up to your values, priorities, and goals?
  • Use this data to help trim (do less of), trash (delete entirely), and transfer (delegate) tasks.

When you do this exercise as a team, you will often find that a task can be seen as “busywork” to one person but another will find it very meaningful. Being able to switch these tasks creates an even stronger team – individually and as a whole.

To steal a line from Dr. Max Goodwin on “New Amsterdam,” “How can I help”?

It can be tough to figure out how to easily and effectively trim, trash, and transfer your tasks. It can be helpful to talk them through with someone who gets how easy it can be to get stuck in the day-to-day instead of taking the strategic action that energizes you.

Let’s have a complimentary conversation!

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