Did you know that completing one task could take at least 50% longer than it should, depending on the time of day?

Think back to a time you FORCED yourself to complete a project. Remember the struggle? You were distracted by every shiny object. You kept telling yourself, “Just 15 more minutes – you can do anything for 15 minutes.” Then, you realized you spent 14 of those 15 minutes on Facebook and were no closer to completing the project.

Yet, this same project, scheduled at a different point in the day, is sooooooooooo easy!

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Throughout the day, our energy shifts like a sine wave. (Cue my inner Sheldon Cooper!)

At times you’ll have maximum focus, the highest motivation, and more energy than the Energizer Bunny. (This is your Biological Prime Time, “BPT.”)

On the other hand, you also have times where just concentrating on one task at a time is difficult, keeping your eyes open is a challenge, and you are able to procrastinate like a pro. (This is your trough time.)

(BTW, “procrastinating like a pro” is NOT a good thing!)

Doesn’t it make sense that if you knew when your high and low times were (and when your trough periods were) you could schedule your tasks appropriately?

Projects that require your strongest focus, motivation, and energy should be scheduled during your high time.

The fluff tasks (hello – EMAIL!) could be checked off during your low times.

What’s possible when you switch your schedule around to take into account your energy, motivation, and focus?

The obvious answer is that it will take you less time to complete a task.

But, it’s even more than that!

When you schedule these tougher tasks during your high time, you are giving the BEST OF YOU to the task! Imagine a world where you continually gave the best of YOU to each task!!

Last week the participants in my Impact Time Collective program participated in a 2-day retreat. Our goal was to increase our effectiveness as business owners by 1) taking time to relax and 2) by increasing our leadership skills.

As I created the agenda,  I made sure to take care to schedule the “learning parts” during the top of the sine curve, and the “self-care” parts during the low part. (Luckily the majority of the participants had similar Biological Prime Times and trough times.)

The conversations and “let’s tie it all together” happened while energy was transitioning from the low to the high parts. (This is the best time for out-of-the-box thinking . . . your brain makes better connections when it is coming off the lowest time.)

They were able to give the best of themselves to each of our exercises, leading to an even more impactful experience.

What would be possible for you if you utilized your BPT and trough times throughout the day?

Try this:

  • Figure out your BPT and trough times.
  • Create a menu of tasks and projects that can go into the BPT and trough times.
  • Arrange your schedule to take advantage of as many BPT times per week as possible.

And get ready to reduce the time it takes you to complete some tasks by 50%!

Wondering about the Impact Time Collective? It might be a perfect fit for you if you are looking to decrease the amount of time you spend working IN your business, but don’t want to risk your income decreasing.  Schedule a time to chat about it!

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