Productivity is an enticing buzzword that keeps many small business owners running in circles. (In fact, for a while, I called myself a “productivity consultant”!)

You know what I mean . . . always looking for the newest productivity app, productivity book, and anything you can get our hands on that might make you feel more effective in your business.

Really, anything to help you feel like you are no longer “trying to catch up” but are actually CAUGHT UP!

But what you really want is efficiency!

According to Adrienne Dorison from Run Like Clockwork:

Productivity doesn’t ensure that we’re working on the most important tasks, and it doesn’t ensure the growth and sustainability of a business in the long-term. Efficiency ensures that business operations get easier over time.

So how do you know whether you’re being efficient or merely productive?

  • Are you constantly busy (productivity), or always learning to streamline better (efficiency)?
  • Are you always feeling an urge to tack something else onto your to-do list (productivity), or developing clearer goals and cutting out what doesn’t yield results (efficiency)?

The difference between productive and efficient businesses:

Productive businesses rely on the constant efforts of the business owner and the team. This is how they keep generating profit.

Efficient businesses rely on the effectiveness of streamlined systems that were set up in advance.

In other words, productive businesses rely on hard labor while efficient businesses rely on expertise.

What about you? Are you being efficient and not just productive?

The easiest way to tell – track your time.

  • What percentage of time are you spending in your Zone of Genius, doing those tasks that move your business forward AND you love to do? AND…
  • What percentage of time are you spending fighting fires, answering emails, doing administrative tasks, finishing up “stuff”?

The key – stay in your Zone of Genius!

Wondering how to do this? We cover how to stay in your Zone of Genius and other strategies that allow you to take time away from your business (without the business suffering) in the Impact Time Collective Program. A new cohort will be starting in July.  Schedule a time to chat about it at!