It’s easy to keep doing things the way you’ve always done them. In fact, it is super safe.

(Think “wearing a big huge bomb diffusing suit to wave a couple of sparklers around” safe).

And . . . it is the one thing that is guaranteed to keep you STUCK in your business!

When you keep doing the client work yourself so no one makes a mistake…

When you answer all your emails yourself because no one can respond the same way you do…

When you keep managing your calendar because someone else would totally mess it up…

When you do pretty much everything because no one is as good as you…

…Then your business stays exactly the same.

And you . . . well, you may be safe but you just get more (and more and more and more) tired.

Here’s how you change this!

  • Pick ONE item (an easy one), something that is low-stakes, simple, and easy to explain. Delegate this to someone on your team (or if you don’t have a team, an hourly contractor).
  • Use the 8 Steps to Delegate so the process goes smoothly.
  • Comment below to let me know how it goes!

Are you still feeling a little scattered by all the opportunities to delegate . . .yet not totally convinced that ANYONE can do it as well as you? The Impact Time Collective may be the perfect solution.

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