I’m always on the lookout for new tools to increase my productivity – and help my clients! Recently I discovered an online software system that not only helps me be more efficient, but increases my internet security too!

LastPass.com is a “vault” program which securely stores all your passwords, accessible by one user with one highly complex log-in. Think of it as a bank vault that, with the correct “combination,” gives you access to all your site URLs and log-in information.

As a productivity tool, LastPass can’t be beat: reduced time (no hunting for log-in information) and increased security (everything is in one place, with a virtual “guard” at the gate). No more insecure spreadsheets or pieces of paper with your passwords!

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Once you’ve registered and established a highly secure password (LastPass will guide you on best practices), you create your “vault” of folders containing categories of log-in information. You can also store notes and other items that must be secured, like credit card numbers and other sensitive data.

The result of all this is that once the entries are built, every time you go to a website you’ve stored, you are automatically logged in by LastPass. Only the computer on which it is installed, and on which the complex password is stored, can access the log-in information.

This resource is an enormous time saver (no more scrounging for log in information) and a huge improvement in security over allowing your browser to auto-fill these log in forms.

Check it out and try it for yourself!

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