I’ve had a headache for 3 weeks.

I tell you this not so you can feel sorry for me, but to make a point!

For 3 weeks I’ve justified my headaches by saying, “It must be my allergies,” or “It’s the change in weather,” or “I must be stressed a bit about this event – it’ll go away as soon as the event is over.” Then I’d take a couple aspirin, use some essential oils, and try to ignore it.

The truth…my headaches have nothing to do with the weather! I get headaches when my shoulders and neck are tight – and my shoulders and neck get tight when I lean over the computer instead of using correct posture and taking regular breaks.

I know this about my body – and to eliminate (or at least lessen) the chance of tension in my neck and shoulders I do a specific yoga routine each day.

But, because the practice has become “routine” I stopped paying attention to what I was doing. I started to rush the poses. I’d do the first half of the practice and leave the second half for later – then later never came. I allowed some of the alignments to become “off.” The result – a basic building block in my self-care regime no longer worked, but I couldn’t see it!

This can also happen with your daily productivity.

You can have THE BEST habits – then they start to become “too routine” and aren’t as effective. The lines start to blur a bit. Your calendar starts to get a bit “too full.” Your email strategy starts to become a bit relaxed. The activities on your to-do list don’t match up perfectly to your goals.

It can happen (and does!) to anyone.

Here’s the good news – outside perspective works wonders!

I’m fortunate that my yoga instructor Freia Ramsey understands my tendencies and created a video of my yoga routine for me to follow. Now I have some very specific cues to help me return to basics; I’m doing the practice as it was intended and my headaches have lessened!

The same outside perspective will work for you. When you are ready to increase your daily productivity, consult an expert. (Hint – I’m talking about ME!!) It often takes someone outside the day-to-day situation to see the challenges and solutions.

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