I was recently at a family gathering, and the hostess had the best cover on her couch. I wanted one just like it so onto Amazon I went – determined to find the best cover.

I kept looking – and finally found two options. But what if I don’t like it? What if it is the wrong size? What if the color doesn’t match? This one is $10 cheaper – does that mean it is a cheaper product, or am I just getting a deal?

Finally I gave up, closed the computer and went outside to weed my flower beds!

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Ever find yourself paralyzed by indecision? Your day is flying by and all of a sudden you need to decide which task to do next.

Both are important. Both represent growth for your business or personal life. And, because you can’t decide, you do neither, and instead do a lower value task! Leaving the BIG tasks waiting for you to decide which to do.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Know your top priorities. Everything is NOT rated equal and when you can EASILY identify the BIG stuff – making decisions is much easier.
  2. Keep those priorities in front of you. Post-It note, index card, vision board  … something you can refer to in the periods of paralyzing indecision
  3. Flip a coin. I’m not advocating leaving your life up to fate – you don’t have to follow the “advice” of the coin. But by flipping the coin, you’ve moved yourself into action – and a little action leads to more action (and more action, and more action).

Oh – and after cleaning out the flower bed, I flipped a coin and ordered the wine slipcover!

Prioritizing is just one of the skills you need to master in order to be productive. Wondering what the others are (and how you stack up)? Take this 2 minute quiz and find out!

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