Recently, I had the privileged opportunity to be interviewed on Lisa Woodruff’s podcast seriesSuccessful Direct Sales: Helping you organize and monetize your home based business. Lisa is an expert in helping people get organized and a great resource on ways people can optimize their lives.  (Yep – we sure had tons to talk about!!)

Lisa’s business, Organize 365, is a service that helps people organize their lives. She specializes in helping mothers getting their lives and homes to what every woman aspires to, complete organization. She also helps business women take organizational control of their professional lives. What’s even better is that she has a knack for combining those two and she thrives on helping people organize their home offices.

Lisa-Woodruff_RGB_1-1I can’t say enough about Lisa and the experience of being on her podcast. If you are looking for success stories on people who excel in the Direct Sales Business, or tips on how to stay organized with your business, you don’t want to miss an episode.

Wondering how I inserted “AWE” into the equation?!  Check out my episode here.  Lot’s of fun . . . and good info also!!!