This is my favorite time of year.  SPRING!  Not because the weather is changing (let’s be honest – here in Northeast Ohio we will still get snow at least 2 more times this spring) but because Baseball Spring Training has started!

I’m excited about the possibilities.  The Cleveland Indians have a ton of talented younger players.  The veterans are all poised to have injury-free, comeback years.  Winning the Central Division is a done deal – and the World Series just a “lucky break” or two away. During this preseason baseball world, anything is possible.

Each morning, I check the Indians Baseball News app on my phone and eagerly read the updates coming out of Arizona.  What I’ve noticed is that the coaches and players are working together.  As each player takes batting practices, or fields ground balls, or throws in the bull pen, a coach is watching, assessing, and offering feedback.

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Let’s be real here.  These are  major league players … making some decent salaries … the best of the best playing at a high level. They know how to hit, field, and throw.  Yet  they still work with and listen to coaches.

Spring training is the time to solidify the basics.

A time to tweak a little something here or there to gain a little extra advantage. An opportunity to try on a new perspective.

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The same holds true for you on your time management journey.  You know the basic principles of time management – and for the most part, you are pretty good at it, most of the time.

Yet … there is so much more available to you.  

Having a coach work with you while you solidify the basics, tweak a couple of strategies, and offer a new perspective is the difference between “making do” and “excelling” in your daily life.

  • You can get all of your the tasks that are most important to you accomplished each and every day and do them in less time.
  • When you’re getting all the things you really need to get done in your business, you aren’t keeping yourself from the things you really want to do on a personal level.
  • You can receive help and encouragement that will enable you to develop a framework that makes sense for you. Get done all the things that need to be done, and drive the business to success!

Just like in spring training, isn’t it time for you to have a coach watching, assessing, and offering feedback? With a little coaching, you really can develop a system that works superbly well to accomplish all your heart desires without the headaches and frustrations you’re experiencing currently.

It’s your turn!  In what areas of your life do you  reach out for additional support?  What are the qualities of coaches you find most beneficial? Comment below!

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