What are you grateful for? How often do you “hit pause” and actually think about it?

In a recent session with a client, she began designing her action plan for the next week.  She was deciding which area she wanted to apply extra focus and effort: delegating or scheduling or estimating her time or email management or energy management (these were only a few of the ideas she was toying with).

Then, she stated, “I want to focus on living each day in gratitude.  I’m going to concentrate on building my “pause muscle” so I can really notice what I’m doing on a micro level.   I have so much that I am grateful for, yet I find that I don’t notice it, because I’m moving from activity to activity and task to task.”

At first, this may not seem like a “time management task” – but I assure you, it is.

pause-27917_640When you are able to build your “pause muscle” you are able to really be aware and in the moment.  This allows you to move into a proactive frame of mind, a place where you are able to make choices and decisions instead of reacting to circumstances.

By focusing on what she was grateful for throughout the day, my client will be able to become more aware of what she is doing. She will be able to notice the triggers that pull her off task and the tasks that energize her.  She will be able to capture next steps more easily and notice when a checklist might be beneficial.

Imagine the possibilities when she starts to exercise her “pause muscle”.  She will be actively participating in her life . . . each and every moment.

Who wouldn’t be grateful for that?

Your turn!  What are you grateful for?  How do you strengthen your pause muscle?  Please post below!

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