The sun is shining!  For many of you, this may seem like a silly way to start a post.  But here in Ohio – it’s been a while since I’ve seen the sun!  (Today is actually day 2!)


I’m a big believer in do what you love, and love what you do.  Last year on National Don’t Go to Work Unless it’s Fun Day I remember thinking about how lucky I was that I LOVE my career.  I love everything about being a time strategy visionary – helping clients, being in charge of my own destiny, and using my brilliance each and every day.

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There is a chance that last year, National Don’t Go to Work Unless it’s Fun Day fell on a day that wasn’t sunny.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I still LOVE what I do.  I just really want to be outside today!

If you ever feel the way I do (wanting to put ANYTHING ahead of work) please keep reading for my solution.

  1. I let go of the guilt.  It’s sunny.  I own my own business.  It’s OK to enjoy the nice weather today.
  2. I shuffled my calendar.  What tasks did I have on tap for the next few days that I could accomplish outside?  I find it’s difficult to work on the computer outside (the glare!) so I switch some of my “thinking tasks” (that I could complete on paper) that were scheduled for later in the week with some of  my “computer” tasks that were scheduled for today.
  3. I took an extra long “lunch”.   I decided to enjoy the sunshine, and then finish up some of my priority tasks by staying in my office an hour later.

It isn’t always the great weather that we are trying to take advantage of.   Sometimes we have a last minute networking opportunity, or a loved one comes into town unexpectedly, or a client calls with tickets to the Cleveland Indians Home Opener.   (OK, the last one is wishful thinking on my part!)   Being flexible is certainly a key trait when you are trying balance your desire to run a profitable business and your desire to enjoy the unique opportunities each day has to offer.

If you would like assistance creating your strategy – for sunny days, for days where you have mentally just “hit a wall”, or to stay focused on  your priorities – please consider scheduling a complimentary Discovery Session.  I’d love to support you in your journey!

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I’d love to hear about your strategies, successes, and obstacles when it comes to balancing your work activities and your non-work activities. Please post below!