The 30 Day A.W.E. Inspired Challenge is winding to an end. For the last month, I’ve been fortunate enough to share my thoughts, techniques, and strategies with a motivated group of adults as they work towards applying laser action towards one area of their lives.


Exciting stuff!!! (Check back in a few days and I will share some the accomplishments from the challenge!)

Here’s one comment I received.

“Lisa, I really enjoyed the challenge! I can’t believe I was able to completely clear out my office over the last month. I feel on top of the world! I couldn’t have done it without you. I feel weird asking this, as I’ve spent the last month listening to your videos and following your action steps, but other than this challenge, I really don’t know what you do.”

At first, I was surprised. Then I realized it was a valid question.

  • Though I had provided some strategies and techniques during the challenge, our one-on-one interaction was very limited.
  • Plus, I never really articulated my vision or the value of working with me.
  • Sure, I shared expertise, but relationships are so much more than that!

Really, what is a time strategy visionary?

Since this A.W.E. Challenger was confused about what I do, I realized that you may be confused too, and I wanted to take a moment to share my “why” with you.

A few years ago, I was introduced to a great Ted Talk by Simon Sinek about finding your “why”.

Why are you in business?

Why should anyone care? 

I’m continuing to fine tune this vision. I believe I’m a work in progress – and as so is my business.

  • Three years ago I described myself as a professional organizer specializing in time management.
  • Two years ago I described myself as a time management consultant/coach.
  • Below is a segment from an interview I participated in a year ago, where I described how I coach time management.

(The interview starts at about 20 seconds into the video)

This video explains a bit about what I do – but not about WHY I do it. Which really, is the most important part!

Here is my WHY – my beliefs, vision, and what drives me each morning.

Values * Vision * Focus * Results

I am a time strategy visionary. I believe every person deserves the opportunity to live the life of their dreams feeling in control and bringing balance into their lives. The crazy, “I’m so busy” feeling does not have to be way of life. It is possible to enjoy each day, be successful at work, and fulfilled at home.

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I support my clients by removing the feeling of overwhelm in their lives by creating a path to accomplishment. I help them identify road blocks to success. We create a concrete plan for moving forward. I hold them accountable to doing what they say. Then they can live the lives of their dreams.

How do I do this?

I offer one on one coaching, group coaching, time management programs, accountability, and support for motivated adults who feel there must be an easier way.

Why should you care?

If you are busy ALL the time, yet feel no closer to accomplishing your goals, or if you tell yourself, “I’ll be able to slow down as soon as I do X”, but X never gets here, you are a great candidate for what I offer.

So, what DO I do?

I help you create the path to achieve the life of your dreams.

If you’re stuck, going in circles, feeling busy, busy, busy all the time but not accomplishing your goals, give me a call at 440-537-3811 or contact me online.  I love supporting clients get the next step.


What is your why?  Why are you in business and why should anyone care?  Please share!!!


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