Imagine, you have your project list in front of you. You have chosen three projects to focus on, they all relate to your goals.  And, you’ve added the project to your Rule of Three list each day.

Yet, you aren’t making much progress.

When it comes time to work on the project, you decide to spend time working on something else. (Or you don’t even consciously decide – you just push it off.)

What’s happening here? It may be as simple as the words you used to write the project on your Rule of Three list.

You want to include ONLY tasks on your Rule of Three list, not projects. A task is something you can typically complete in 15 minutes or less, while a project is comprised of many tasks. The advantage of putting a task on your Rule of Three list is that you know EXACTLY what to do.

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When you put a project on your Rule of Three list, then your brain searches for what to do. What comes first? How do you start? Do you need any materials? Then, you start to feel overwhelmed and decide (consciously or unconsciously) to do something else. We avoid “hard.”

One of my clients had “Add Three New Workplace Wellness Clients” on her Project List. She then put the same phrase on her Rule of Three list each day. At the end of the week – she THOUGHT about doing this activity A LOT, but she didn’t actually spend any time on the activity.

Because she didn’t know where to start!

During our coaching session, we broke “Add Three New Workplace Wellness Clients” into simple tasks:

  • Identify potential clients
  • Find people that can provide a warm introduction
  • Decide on talking points and value statements
  • Call to set appointments

After identifying some of the beginning tasks for the project, she added the tasks to her Rule of Three list. This allowed her to know exactly what actions to take.

Good news – she added three clients within a month!

Remember that old elephant we’re always trying to eat? Stop looking at the big picture – your productivity will skyrocket when you look at the baby steps involved.

Curious about how to have a life that has more money, more fun, more time for volunteering, more time for relaxation – while working less and feeling less stress?

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