Laura Licursi

Marketing…some of us love it, some don’t. Some are great at it, some are not. It takes time, expertise, and energy to create an effective marketing campaign, but it’s a necessary part of doing business.

Laura Licursi, owner of the VA service Elite Virtual Assistants, says that the first question she is usually asked is how a Virtual Assistant can help with social media marketing. Her answer? “How much do you want them to help you?”

Many people like to create the content for their blogs and posts themselves and also want to be the ones engaging with their audience which is why they’re not sure where to start, but there’s more to these marketing efforts than just the content creation. If you’re not sure which channels you need to be on, it will take some research on your target audience to see where they’re hanging out. Some people like LinkedIn, others prefer the fast pace of Twitter. This is a great place for your VA to start doing some research.”

Laura adds, “Once you find your channels and you decide you’ll create the content,  your VA can find the right graphics to promote your posts and make sure they’re scaled to fit each channel.

Of course once a plan is in place, the marketing campaign must be posted!

Laura says, “You can save some time using a platform like Hootsuite, but using a relevant Twitter hashtag for your Facebook and LI posts aren’t going to score you too many points with your followers. Each channel has its own vibe…Twitter is very social, fun and fast paced. Facebook requires a little more attention and interaction, and is a good place to tell a story. LinkedIn is professional and needs it’s own tone separate from the others in your campaign. I’m personally not as familiar with Instagram and Snapchat, but much like Pinterest, those apps use pictures to tell your story. This is a great place to bring in a VA to help coordinate your graphics and postings.”

An up-to-date blog is also a part of this process. You can create content, but a VA can help with image sourcing, editing and posting. She can also help research topics.

Once you have an established relationship with your VA, you can slowly start handing some of the content curation over to them,” Laura reminds us. “Once they get to know you and learn your message and style, it’s easier to hand that task over.”

A skilled VA can also help with email marketing and video campaigns, managing image sourcing, scheduling and uploading.

Running a digital marketing campaign can seem overwhelming, but with the right help to keep you on track and consistent, it doesn’t have to be expensive. A Virtual Assistant is an affordable solution to bring you the help you need to achieve social success!

Huge thanks to the fabulous Laura Licursi for her sage advice about how to reduce time and increase productivity by outsourcing marketing to a qualified VA!!

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