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Create a Stress Free Holiday Season – Step #10

2016-12-07T20:01:07-05:00By |Checklists & Systems, Overwhelm|

Congratulations on surviving the holiday season.  Hopefully you were able to do more than just "survive"  hopefully you "thrived"! [newsletter-sign-up-form] You may be wondering why I created a post about the holidays AFTER the holidays. Now is the perfect time to evaluate your success over the past few months. What worked? What didn't? When do you want to start next year? Who [...]

It Is Not Too Late To Create a Stress Free Holiday Season

2016-12-07T20:01:10-05:00By |Checklists & Systems|

Are you interested in creating a stress free holiday season?  If you've been with me the past 9 weeks - you are well on your way to enjoying a less stressful December.  But, what if today is the first holiday post you've read?  Good news - there is still hope for you! Here's a recap of the previous 9 posts.  I encourage you to [...]

Stress Free Holiday Season Step #9 – Holiday Notebook

2016-12-07T20:01:11-05:00By |Checklists & Systems|

Congrats!  You’ve been working hard to implement steps 1 – 8 in our “Create a Stress Free Holiday Season”.  But, if you are anything like many of my clients, you have your holiday papers & ideas in various places. You might have some ideas written on post-it notes stuck in your calendar. Possibly a few coupons on the refrigerator, other coupons in your purse, [...]

Stress Free Holiday Step #8 – Gift Giving

2016-12-07T20:01:11-05:00By |Checklists & Systems|

Do you wrap gifts Christmas Eve? Do you find you are exhausted Christmas morning because you were up all night putting together toys? When you pull the gifts out of the hiding places, do you realize that you bought “too much” for one person and “not enough” for another? Did you start your gift buying in July and then forgot about everything you had [...]