As I learned in our recent podcast, Tanya Smith did just that!

(If you’d rather view the video than read it, watch the podcast here.)

Tanya left her 15-year corporate design career when she recognized a lack of high-quality branding options for professionals and personal brands. She founded WorkStory Creative to fill the gap. She helps professionals build authority, raise the perceived value, and attract high-end clients through authentic and beautiful brand storytelling.

Tanya realized that she wanted to serve clients in the best possible way AND grow the business. She chose to create systematic processes to stay in the CEO mindset versus being just the one doing the work. 

“Managing my mindset has helped me get to a higher level of productivity.”

When I asked her to explain those processes, she said that the key strategies were planning, delegating, and developing firm boundaries (and keeping them).

On Mondays, she plans out exactly what needs to be done and when are the best times to dig in.

After hiring a Virtual Assistant, Tanya made a list of tasks that were not in her Zone of Genius (for more on ZOG read this) and not part of that CEO’s way of being, which she delegated to her VA. The two began with delegating email processing and gradually added other responsibilities. Automations and checklists help them stay organized.

She holds firm on boundaries about the best use of her time to reach her goals.

As Tanya says, CEOs don’t answer the phone, process emails, and write checks. They have a higher-level role in the business, creating ideas and making things happen.

All of these “CEO” strategies have freed up time for Tanya to enjoy time with her family playing games and watching movies.

Can’t figure out which of these strategies would work for your business?

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