I hear it all the time: “There just aren’t enough hours in the day!” This always comes from having a productivity bottleneck of some kind, something that prevents you from getting done everything you want to in your day.

In a recent podcast interview Karianne Munstedt (CEO of Karianne Munstedt Portrait coaching and photography), Karianne shared that she believes her productivity bottleneck stems from having too much to do and not enough time. She is the face of her business AND the service provider, and she’s a wife and mother, a friend, a daughter…wearing all the “hats.” But is having more time really the answer for Karianne?

She says, “I feel like things are getting done, but I am exhausting myself from getting them all done…I could be giving more quality time to my client, a little bit more attention. Things could be done at a level that has a little bit more of a personal touch to it…the ‘and then some.’

This is so common…needing “and then some” with family, with clients, and – most importantly – yourself! It’s important to Karianne to make sure that she has time for both her family and her business. but that often feels overwhelming.

We dug a little deeper and found that Karianne doesn’t need to overcome her bottleneck by working harder, but by working smarter, so she can have room in her day for the “extras.” She understands now that there are things she does that she doesn’t need to be doing, or that she doesn’t need to control. She needs to “stay in her lane,” consistently do only the things that she does best, and let go of the rest.

Now that Karianne has the tools and knows that the bottleneck is herself (letting go of the perfectionism she coaches other women on) she can take action to stay in her own Zone of Genius. (You can watch the full interview here.)

Want some help uncovering your own productivity bottleneck? Let’s have a conversation and get you on the path to achievement!