A Case Study: Lack of Focus or Lack of Downtime?

2022-06-15T15:45:35-04:00By |Awesome People, Podcast|

I get it...being a business owner means you wear SO many hats. You're ultimately responsible for staff and their tasks, and for client care, and for business development, and for your own tasks...and...and...AND! Even when you are great at time management and delegation, you might still feel challenged by how much you have to get done. If you find yourself procrastinating or feeling stressed [...]

Balance and Boundaries with Ann Blair

2021-11-23T09:30:46-05:00By |Awesome People, Podcast|

Do you ever worry that setting firm boundaries in your business might affect your relationships with clients and coworkers? Award-winning realtor Ann Blair and I discussed her experiences with balancing the two in a recent podcast. (Listen to the podcast here.) As a very busy realtor, Ann manages her time and tasks well but realized that, because she wants to provide superior service to [...]

Managing Deadlines as a Serial Entrepreneur

2021-11-17T10:17:40-05:00By |Awesome People, Podcast|

How do you effectively keep track of important tasks and deadlines when you manage two businesses and a staff? While very organized and effective, Elin Barton was experiencing a productivity bottleneck created, she believed, by not regularly reviewing her calendar and project management system. Elin's video production and marketing company (White Knight Productions) and the Elin Barton brand (elinbarton.com) were both growing, and although [...]

Is Perfectionism Your Bottleneck?

2021-10-13T09:26:09-04:00By |Podcast|

I hear it all the time: “There just aren’t enough hours in the day!” This always comes from having a productivity bottleneck of some kind, something that prevents you from getting done everything you want to in your day. In a recent podcast interview Karianne Munstedt (CEO of Karianne Munstedt Portrait coaching and photography), Karianne shared that she believes her productivity bottleneck stems from [...]

Strategies to Stay in the CEO Role

2022-07-13T12:21:52-04:00By |Podcast|

As I learned in our recent podcast, Tanya Smith did just that! (If you'd rather view the video than read it, watch the podcast here.) Tanya left her 15-year corporate design career when she recognized a lack of high-quality branding options for professionals and personal brands. She founded WorkStory Creative to fill the gap. She helps professionals build authority, raise the perceived value, and attract [...]

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