How do you know your life is out-of-balance?

Recently I had the opportunity chat with Sushant Misra from TrepTalks about my experience working with clients that feel overwhelmed.   If you are an entrepreneur and haven’t found his site yet – I highly encourage you to spend a few minutes exploring.  He has interviewed a number of experts and offers tremendous support for entrepreneurs.

My small contribution is this 30 minute interview that explores

  • What are the signs that you are not in alignment with your life goals and are being overwhelmed?
  • Do some people find it difficult to admit that they are not being as productive as they can be?
  • How can you become more aware of what exactly you want in your life and business?
  • What are some daily things you can do that will make you a lot more productive in your business and life?

Have I intrigued you enough to click on the link to listen to the interview?  I’d love to hear your comments!

Click here to listen in  . . . How to Eliminate Overwhelm and Focus on What Matters in Your Business and Life