As many of the faithful readers of my blog know I’m an advocate of two ideas when it comes to calendars:

  1. There is no “one size fits all” solution
  2. Use what works for you

I use a paper calendar.  Yes – I realize I’m in the minority, but this is what works best for my learning style, my business, and my life.  (If interested in my specific calendar, I use a Planner Pad.)


I believe that being comfortable with your scheduling system is one of the most important components of success.

How can I switch???

How can I switch???

However, I also believe there are circumstances where switching your type of calendar will be more advantageous in the long run.  Yes, I am advocating a switch from paper to digital in certain circumstances, even if the idea of utilizing this technology fills you with anxiety and trepidation.

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What are some of these circumstances?

  • If you have an assistant that schedules appointments for you (or a partner that schedules appointment with you).  Knowing your most up-to-date schedule is crucial when scheduling appointments.  Being able to access your calendar online, in real-time is key.
  • If you are working on a project with at least one other person and you are sharing a task list.  Knowing the progress of each member of the team is helpful.
  • If you co-parent.  Having each parent’s work schedule and each kid’s activity schedule in one place ensures accurate communication.   (I recommend Google Calendars!)

What should you do if you are in the “switching from paper to digital fills me with trepidation” category?

  • Commit fully.  You are making the switch.  No going back.  No Plan B.  Once you decide to move forward digitally (either with a calendar, task list, or both) stick to it.  When you have a paper and digital calendar, it’s tough to keep them both up to date and double scheduling occurs.
  • Use your resources.  Where can you get help making the switch?  Does your workplace offer training?  Do you have a teenager available?  Can a co-worker offer assistance?  Can you pay for training?
  • Remember your previous success!  You’ve switched platforms before.  (Remember, a computer was once the “new typewriter”, DVD’s have only been around since 1995, and the XBOX 360 was new in 2005).  You are a resourceful, competent, and strong person – you can do this!

Is it possible to have a digital calendar and a paper task list?  Absolutely!  Remember, one size doesn’t fit all!  You need to evaluate the trade-off between taking advantage of your primary learning style and under-utilizing the technology in relation to scheduling tasks.

Your turn!

Are you paper or digital or a hybrid?  What do you love most about the calendar system you use?  What circumstances would make you change platforms?  If you’ve switched platforms – what strategies did you use to ensure success?

Please share below!

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