While looking around on YouTube today – I wanted to find something a little light hearted for Friday.  (In my mind – and my editorial calendar – Friday represents “Fun Friday”.  The one post each week where I find a cartoon, funny story, or video to share.)

So, I searched YouTube for “funny distraction video” and this is what I came up with.  A news story from ABC World News.

 Now, for most of us, these examples may border on the absurd. 

(Really, you don’t see a BEAR in your driveway – or a CLOWN on a unicycle?!)

Today, I urge you to take the absurd and apply it to your life.

In what ways are you missing out on what is going on in your life due to your multi-tasking?

  • Are you listening (really listening) to the conversations going on around you – or are you surfing the net and listening?
  • Are you counseling your team members on the phone while answering emails?
  • Are you checking your phone while watching a baseball game?

If you had a do-over . . . what would you change about today?

Do the people in  your life need padding to protect them as you go through life with your head down?

Thoughts?  I’d love it if you would share below!  When is it OK to multi-task?  What behavior are you going to vow to change?