You can gain the equivalent of an extra work day each month just by delegating 30 minutes a day.

Yep – 30 minutes a day!

Yet, many of my clients resist delegating because it can be a tough skill to master.

Here are the top 3 challenges I hear from my clients:

  • Who do I delegate to? My staff is already overloaded. (Click here for some tips.)
  • How do I make sure that person I delegate to actually does it right?
  • I just don’t have time to explain it, and answer all the questions . . . it’s quicker to do it all myself!!!

Let’s talk today about making sure the person you delegate to actually does it “right.”

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One of my clients (we will call him Sonny) consults with business owners on how to increase the value of their company. He noticed that the owner of one of the companies was doing some tasks that really didn’t fall in line with the position of owner. (In fact, Sonny refers to this as the $1000 / hour janitor syndrome. When the owner is the one emptying the wastebaskets, he is in effect paying someone $1000 an hour to take out the trash!)

When Sonny mentioned this to his client, the reply was, “Well, I have to be the one to do the customer service calls. Some of these people need to be handled with kid gloves. If I delegate it to my employee he might mess it up!”

To which Sonny replied, “You think you are doing such a great job yourself?”

The fact is, Sonny’s client was working 80 hours a week and still not getting everything done. The company was behind on production, marketing had stalled because they were waiting for their boss to make a decision, and the list goes on.

And yet, here is the owner making customer service calls because he didn’t trust that his employees could handle them without making mistakes.

Here’s the deal: you didn’t build your company by being perfect. You made mistakes along the way. You learned. You recovered. You became stronger.

The same holds true with your employees. When you delegate to them, no matter how well you’re delegating, sometimes they are going to make mistakes.

AND . . . they will learn, recover, and become stronger.

When you hold on to everything, you can only grow so much. There is only so much time to sleep. You can only change the lives of a limited number of people.

When you delegate, you have the ability to accomplish double, triple, 10x, 100x the impact.

So, teach your employees the “right way” to do things in your company.

Empower them to make decisions.

Stand back and celebrate their successes.

And, get ready to help them up when they fail forward.

This is the only way your business grows while your time invested doesn’t!

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