Do you know the book Clockwork by Mike Michalowicz? I’m obsessed with it . . . so obsessed that I have sent the book to clients, who have then purchased extra copies and sent them to some of their clients! In fact, I even started the Impact Time Collective Mastermind Program based on the concepts in this book!

One of the concepts that Mike stresses in Clockwork is to do the work that only you can do  . . . and transfer, trim, or trash the rest.

Which means . . . DELEGATE!

Now, it’s no secret that I’m a big proponent of delegating. And, I’ll be the first to admit that delegating can be a bit tough.

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Here are the top 3 challenges I hear from my clients:

  • Who do I delegate to?  My staff is already overloaded.
  • How do I make sure that person I delegate to actually does it right?
  • I just don’t have time to explain it, and answer all the questions . . . it’s quicker to do it all myself!!!

Today we are going to tackle WHO!

First, evaluate the tasks you are doing and the tasks your staff are doing.

Can you trash any of these tasks?

Often you do something because you’ve always done it, but it no longer has the same impact, months or years later. What can you get rid of? (I guarantee there are at least 3 things you can trash right now! Wondering what they are? Reply to this email and I’ll help you find them!)

Then, the tasks that remain should be the tasks that are critical to running your business – but are NOT necessarily tasks that require YOUR energy.

Let’s start deliberately moving these off your plate.

I encourage you to read the list of potential resources below with an open mind – and consider delegating both personal and professional tasks. The goal is to gain more time any way you can!

  • Family (even a 4-year-old can make his bed; your mom can calculate your mileage; your teenager can update your social media)
  • Virtual Assistant (I highly recommend Elite Virtual Assistants. Laura Licursi has a very extensive list of VAs who can do just about anything!)
  • Friends (maybe you have a friend that loves to proofread; she can look over your next blog post, eblast, or press release)
  • High school kids (carpool, landscape, deliveries, packing products .  . .)
  • College kids (they have awesome tech skills and often are looking for practical experience)
  • Interns (many times will work for free just to learn from a professional in their field. One of my clients has his intern creating processes for everything in his office.)
  • Retirees (an often under-utilized source of knowledge and resource for delegation)
  • Office support (are you using your current support staff the most efficiently? Often they are doing tasks that could be outsourced to a less expensive alternative, freeing them up to do more important projects.)
  • Specialists (web designers, bookkeepers, accountants, landscapers, cleaning service, chef, party planner, etc.)

Here are some additional online resources:

  • (hire freelancers online – IT/Programming to SEO to Admin to Legal to Sales/Marketing)
  • (similar to
  • ($5 jobs)
  • (create a contest for your design work, pay the winner – great for logo/biz card/apps/book cover/postcards)
  • (A resource for finding an intern)
  • (Virtual Assistant)
  • (Use for 15-minute tasks)

You now have 16 potential resources. What are you willing to delegate today?

Did you know: If you delegate 30 minutes of tasks each day, you gain an extra work-day each month!

And I KNOW you have more than 30 minutes of tasks each day that you can delegate!

Curious about what a business where you only do the work you love looks like? Click the link below to schedule a time to brainstorm.

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