Freedom Filer

Papers, papers, papers, everywhere!!! I recently read that it takes about 1 hour to sort through 12″ of paper. If the task seems overwhelming . . . well, that is because it is!!!

When sorting through papers, the first thing I encourage my clients to think about is “what” papers should you keep? After solving this dilemma, the second item becomes “how” are you going to keep them. I believe the products from Freedom Filer can help with both of these questions.

Freedom Filer is a “self-purging” system. I know, I know, it really doesn’t “purge itself” – you physically need to remove and replace files yourself. But, the smart folks that designed this system took the thinking right out of your hands. For example, they have a section of files labeled “remove/replace” for warranties. So, if you have a TV warranty, you can file it. Then, when you purchase a new TV, you can take out the old warranty and replace it with the new one.

pile of papers nuttakitHow long should you keep utility bills? Again, FF takes that decision out of your hands. They set you up with 24 monthly folders (1 for each month for 2 years). Just drop your bills into the corresponding month. After 2 years, just reuse the folders. So, you never need to keep more than 2 years of bills. How long should I keep medical files? Where is the title to the car? When did we pay off the Student Loan? There is a folder built into the system for each of these questions and more. Now, if you prefer to set-up your own labels, they provide you with plenty of blank labels to create your own. And did I mention they are color coded?

Back to our 12″ pile of papers. If you KNOW what items to keep, and where to keep them, you no longer need to make decision after decision after decision after decision. You can just file it and forget about it. Which means that 12″ of papers should take much less than an hour to organize!


(Image credit Nuttakit)