Happy Birthday to  . . . me! (Well, a day early!)

Twice a year I take the time to take stock – my birthday and New Year’s Day.  This is when I ponder the “thinking questions”.  What is the state of my business?  The state of my life?  What progress have I made so far on my goals for the year?  What strategies and techniques are working?  Which ones aren’t?  What adjustments do I need to make?  Is it time for purposeful abandonment?

One reason I schedule time to reflect is so I can notice and celebrate progress.  Sometimes when we look at the progress towards our goals each day or each week – it’s difficult to notice the improvement.  But, after 6 months, the progress becomes much more apparent.  My mantra, especially when I’m working towards a big goal and feel as if I haven’t seen the dividends yet is to say, “Slow progress is still progress!”  Because, slow progress IS progress!  As long as I’m moving forward, I’m moving towards accomplishing my goals and living the life of my dreams.

Have I hit my #1 goal for this year yet?  No – not yet!  Have I had set backs – you bet!  Have I had successes – absolutely!  As I looked back over the past 6 months, I saw a new website and a new logo, a few new products, many new clients, and a complete overhaul of my daily schedule.  I also saw product launches that didn’t quite go according to my plan, blog posts without comments, and the weakening of a business relationship.  One set-back (or more than one!) doesn’t mean the goal is unattainable!  (You wouldn’t slash 3 tires on your car just because one tire is flat would you?  You fix the flat – and move one!)

I’m looking forward to assessing the progress in another 6 months.  As long as I’m moving forward, I’m moving in the right direction!

What about you?  How often do you check your progress?  Post below – I’d love to hear about your success!