A better question – do you schedule your priorities or prioritize your schedule?  Think about this question – it really is two different things!

Samantha King, over at It’s An Entrepreneur Thing, answers this question and others!  She has dedicated the month of January to finding your way back into your rhythms.  It’s all about time management and getting organized after a busy holiday season.  She asks, “how many meetings and tasks got pushed back or to the side because there just wasn’t time with everything that was going on during the Holiday Season? And how many “exceptions” were made where your schedule was concerned because something more pressing and Holiday related came up?”

Then, Samantha offers solutions!  (Ahh – my favorite part about finding great resources on the web – the solutions!!)

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Curious about the difference between scheduling your priorities and prioritizing your schedule?  Jump on over to my guest post on Samantha’s blog!

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