“When we say YES to one thing, we say NO to something else.”  How many times have you heard this time management quote?  For years I believed I could say YES to everything, I just needed to be a “strategic scheduler”.

You know what I mean –

  • if I wanted to attend a networking event at 8 am on Thursday and I had a committee meeting scheduled for 8 am on Thursday, I would adjust the time on the meeting
  • if my vacation and a professional conference were both scheduled for the same weekend, I’d change my vacation
  • if two projects for two different organizations had the same deadline, I would get up earlier so I could finish the work to meet my commitment

I REALLY believed I could say “Yes” to everything.


What I didn’t realize what that, though I was making everything “fit” into my schedule, by saying YES to everything, I was actually saying  NO to me!  To my priorities, my values, my goals, my dreams.

My physical health was no longer a priority.  My family took a back seat.  Plus, I felt frazzled all day, every day.

The reality is we each are given 24 hours each day.  We each have our own unique priorities.  We each have pretty full lives.  When we add something else into our schedule – something is being pushed off.  The challenge is recognizing what was pushed off – and deciding if that is the way you actually want to live.

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Before I add anything new to my schedule I determine if it is in line with my priorities, goals, values, and dreams.

Then I determine what task or activity is being subtracted from my schedule.

Networking is one of the areas that can be a trouble spot for me.   One of my intentions is to be a well respected and successful businesswoman.  Meeting and networking with interesting people, learning about their brilliance, and sharing mine with them is one way to live my life in line with this intention.

However, realistically, I could attend a different networking opportunity every day.  So, early in my business I set some ground rules.  I choose to limit my Committee and Board involvement, commitment to attend recurring networking opportunities, and active involvement in  professional organizations.

This way, I’m saying YES to my priorities without saying NO to my life!

(image provided by Stuart Miles / Freedigitalphotos.net)

What about you?  I’d love to know your thoughts regarding “when you say yes to one thing, you say no to another”.  

Time management doesn’t mean fitting in more tasks, it means learning how to let go of as much as you possibly can.  When you need to achieve long lasting changes you need a fresh perspective and an experienced coach.

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