Effective time management means devoting time to work ON the business as well as IN the business. No matter how busy you are, you need to have time to create processes and systems, plan and think, and grow.

So what happens when you have too much work to get it all done?

You delegate.

And what happens when you don’t have time to hire and train staff?

You automate!

A recent guest on 25th Hour Podcast, Amy Graves spent 10 years turning failing stores into profitable, thriving businesses. The stores she turned around saw a minimum of a 400% increase in sales in under a year. She chose to leave the corporate world after many years, and created AMG Innovative Consultants, just one day, ONE DAY before COVID-19 shut down! Now a successful business analyst, she overcame the limitations of the pandemic to help small businesses become more visible and more profitable.

As her company grew, Amy found herself caught in the “I don’t have time to hire someone because I have too much work” loop. She wants to hire staff members, but can’t find the time to train them on the most important tasks they would manage.

As Amy learned, a great place to start is to delegate the tasks that are easiest to move off your plate. When you understand your Zone of Genius, you understand what tasks are best for others to handle – prioritize delegating those. There may be a greater upfront time commitment for training, but the ROI is there.

In Amy’s case, she needed to train on high-importance tasks like Google Analytics, Google My Business, and SEO best practices. She knew that this training would require a considerable time investment and struggled with making room in her schedule for it.

Yet when she made the commitment to delegate regardless of training time, Amy realized she could put some of the necessary training on “automatic” by using videos to teach new employees her business’s best practices. In fact, she already had some created, in the form of the detailed instructional videos she makes for clients.

Each detailed step-by-step video demonstrates not just the “how-to,” but also the “why.” The new employee can see how Amy works with a client and understand the business’s client focus, while at the same time learning necessary processes.

Amy’s story is sure to inspire you as you expand your delegating skills. Click to learn more!