How many times have you heard a time management expert explain that effective delegating is the surest way to success?

It makes sense – each time you can take a task off your plate you’ve just “created time” to work towards your priorities and goals. If you delegated one 30-minute task each day, you could create 3 ½ hours at the end of a week, 14 hours by the end of a month.

Delegating is great in theory.  However, it can be a tough strategy to implement. The number one deterrent I hear from my clients when it comes to delegating is, “I have no one to delegate to.” 

Today, I’m going to bust this myth!

You can delegate to  . . .

  • Family  (Even a 4 year old can make his bed)
  • Virtual Assistant (Check out these two posts for more information – Top 10 Tips for Working with a Virtual Assistant and My “Go-To-Gal” for Delegation) 
  • Friends (Maybe you have a friend that loves to bake, she can create your dish for your next pot luck)
  • Colleagues (Divvy up the work load – why duplicate efforts?)
  • High School Kids (carpool, landscape .  . .  plus some want practical experience before going to college) 
  • College Kids (They have awesome tech skills and often are looking for practical experience)
  • Interns (Many times will work for free just to learn from a professional in their field) 
  • Retirees  (An often underutilized source of knowledge and resource for delegation)
  • Office support (Are you using your current support staff the most efficiently?) 
  • Specialists (web designers, book keepers, accountants, landscapers, cleaning service, chef, party planner, etc.)

Plus, here are some additional online resources . . .

  •  (Hire Freelancers online – IT/Programming to SEO to Admin to Legal to Sales/Marketing)
  •  (Similar to
  • ($5 jobs)
  • (create a contest for your design work – pay the winner – great for logo/biz card/apps/book cover/postcards)
  • (A resource for finding an intern)
  • (there’s a handy RFP form!)
  • (Virtual Assistant)
  • (Use for 15 min tasks)

Hopefully – this list gets you started thinking about resources you can delegate to.  I urge you to jot some ideas down now  . . . while you are in a “find the solutions” frame of mind.

I invite you to post your favorite delegating sources in the comment section below.

Now that I’ve busted the “I don’t have anyone to delegate to” myth – I would love to know what other challenges you face when you try to delegate.

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