Monday is Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day!  So – what does this have to do with time management?  Nothing – I just want you to create your own flavor of ice cream.  Just kidding!

Today’s post is about self-care.

The number one way to increase your productivity is to work more – right?  Let’s take adding a new team member as our example.  Pretend your close ratio from interviews is 1 in 5, your conversion rate of guests at an event to those willing to listen to  your marketing plan is 1 in 4.  This means, for every 20 people you see, you should be able to interview 5, and close 1.

If you have an average of 5 people at every sales event, and for each appointment booked 1 in 2 hold, you need to hold 4 parties which means you need to book 8.  How many phone calls does it take you to book an appointment?  Let’s use 5 for this example.  You are 40 phone calls away from booking 8 appointments, holding 4 sales events, interviewing 5 potential team members, and having 1 join your team.

Wow – lots of numbers, I know!!!!   (IMPORTANT – KNOW YOUR NUMBERS!! I used these as an example, you want to start tracking your actual numbers if you don’t know yours.)

So, if you are doing MINIMAL activity now, increasing the number of people you talk to will increase the number of people on your team.  But, some of you are working on a HUGE goal.  You are already talking to 30+ people a week, 100+ people a month.  The remainder of this post is for you!

If you are already working at a high activity rate, then increasing your activity isn’t a sure way to increase your productivity.  If you are seeing 20+ people a week, you are starting to get a bit overwhelmed.  Administrative details are building up.  You are trying to juggle family obligations, your personal selling appointments, training your new team members, and many, many, many other activities.  The more you do, the LESS productive you become.  You forget to call people back.  You accidentally double book appointments in different locations.  You forget your daughter’s softball game.  No one has clean clothes.

The solution – create some room in your calendar to practice some self-care activities.  Take 20 minutes each morning to relax, meditate, or do yoga.  Schedule an hour into to your week for a massage.  Or, literally, celebrate Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day by creating your own flavor of ice cream.   Take a few minutes each day to do an activity that brings you joy.  When you take time to take care of you – your brain becomes clearer and you are able to finish tasks more efficiently.

Look at that – I did connect ice cream and time management!  What ice cream flavor would you like to create?  (I wonder what a mix of lemon and cream would taste like?)  What is your favorite form of self-care?  Post below!