Today is Make Your Dreams Come True Day.

If you could do anything – what would you do?




I asked this question during a recent presentation and hands went up immediately. “What do you mean – anything? Do you mean a business goal?” or “Do you mean if I could do anything today?” or “Do you mean what do I want to do this weekend?”

I replied, “If you could do anything – what would you do?” I wasn’t sidestepping the question. I did not want to limit the answers.

So, I ask you “If you could do anything – what would you do?”

Write down your answer. (Don’t worry, I’ll wait!)

Now, think back over the last few days. How much time did you spend on your “if I could do anything” idea? 15 minutes? An hour? 10 hours?

(I mean it – really think about this! I am sipping hot tea, I’ll wait!)

For the participants in this workshop – the average time dedicated towards accomplishing the “if I could do anything” goal was less than 1 hour. In a week.


Because life gets in the way.

Our schedules tend to be pretty packed. Prioritizing the urgent over the important is a fact of life. Usually our “if I could do anything” idea is far into the future.

[Tweet “Do you prioritize the urgent over the important?”] Since today is Make Your Dreams Come True Day, I’m going to encourage you to move one step closer to making your dreams come true.

  • Break your “if I could do anything” dream into small (itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny) steps.
  • Schedule one step into your calendar. (Just ONE – create some momentum!!)
  • Increase your time management skills (delegating, saying no, creating checklists, prioritizing, effective calendaring, eliminating distractions, overcoming procrastination . . .) so you can “create extra room” in your schedule.
  • Schedule your remaining steps.

Wondering what participants in my workshop picked? Here are some of the answers

  • Increase business income by 50%
  • Have dinner in Paris
  • Lose 20 pounds
  • Feed the hungry
  • Be the lead singer in a rock band
  • Relax with a good book

Pretty exciting (and motivating) stuff!
Your turn! What is your “if I could do anything” dream? Please post below!

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