haedyn throwback jersey no face

Our “one size fits all” 1902 replica jersey!

I recently took my 13 year old nephew to the Cleveland Indians game.  Game time was 7:05 pm, however gates opened at 4:30 pm.  We arrived at 4:20 pm.  Why so early you ask?  Because the first 10,000 fans received a 1902 replica jersey.  My nephew couldn’t wait to get his jersey.  We planned to arrive before the gates opened to ensure he was one of the first  2,000 to enter.  Because any jersey wouldn’t do – we needed to make sure they still had a jersey available in his size.

Silly us, you don’t get to chose your size when you enter, because one size fits all.  Guess what, in this case, one size didn’t even fit most!  In fact, ADULT XL will only fit adults that wear a size L or XL!  Not a 13 year old boy!  (where are his elbows??!!)  :)

The same philosophy is true when you are trying to become more productive, more efficient, more balanced, less overwhelmed, less overworked, and less stressed!

The strategies that work for your best friend, team member, recruiter, director, neighbor won’t necessarily be the strategy that works best for you.   Because you aren’t them!!!

You have different . . .

  • goals
  • dreams
  • priorities
  • learning styles
  • distractions
  • obligations
  • comfort with technology
  • processing modalities
  • personalities
  • attention spans
  • biorhythms
  • likes
  • dislikes

Wordle: Coach ARecently I wrote about 3 different conversations I had with coaches around how they schedule their day.  I’m a time strategy visionary, I help clients maximize their schedules every day.  Yet, I’m always trying to fine tune my process and learn from it.  Each of these 3 very successful, very productive individuals used 3 different scheduling strategies that worked for them.  Yet – none of the 3 methods worked for me.  My scheduling approach takes a little bit from Coach A and Coach B, nothing from Coach C, and then adds a bit more of ME into the process.
Does this mean you should ignore the advice and wisdom of those that have traveled your path before you?  Absolutely not!  It’s certainly efficient to learn from their successes and challenges.

But, don’t try to force yourself into their shoes.  You must find the way that works for YOU – and then perfect it!

(If you can’t perfect YOUR way – then keep asking advice, keep learning, keep working until you can!)

  • If your recruiter built her business by warm chattering (talking with strangers in line at the grocery store) and you hate to chat with strangers, it’s ok to find a different way (referrals, bridal fairs, partnering with professionals . . . )
  • If your Director holds 3 appointments on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday to streamline her business, but you are exhausted holding 3 appointments in one day, hold 1 appointment in the morning and one in the evening Monday – Friday.
  • If your best friend is now using an iPad and a few different apps to keep track of her business appointments, customer follow-up, and team member training, but the thought of technology overwhelms you, continue to use your paper system.  Then streamline the process, and bring in one or two pieces of technology that you feel comfortable with.
  • If everyone you know is using ToodleDo – but you just can’t get the hang of it – use Post-It notes.
  • If the latest article you read suggests working in 25 minute blocks of time, then taking 5 minutes off to relax/recharge, but you find you focus best working for 65 minutes at a time – then work for 65 minutes at a time.

How do you find YOUR way?solution

I suggest using this process . . .

  • Identify a challenge that you have been trying to overcome.
  • Research some solutions – talk with people that seem to have mastered your obstacle, access some company training on the subject, and do additional research.
  • Then, create a plan attack – maybe one of the solutions seems like a perfect fit, maybe you need to adapt a solution, or maybe you need to merge a few solutions together.
  • Continue to work – adapting and refining as you go!

Just like an “one size fits all” jersey didn’t fit my nephew, an “one size fits all” approach to time management doesn’t work.  I pride myself of creating customized solutions for all of my clients.  If you are trying to reach your next goal and are struggling to create change let’s chat.  Sign up for a No Obligation Find More Time Strategy Session. During this session you will gain clarity on your goals, uncover the hidden obstacles to your success, and leave energized to design the life of your dreams.  You are guaranteed to have at least one Ah-Ha moment and actionable idea that will catapult your plan to success.  What do you have to lose?

By the way – like any good aunt, I told my nephew, “Don’t worry, you’ll grow into this jersey!”  He replied, “Aunt Lisa, my mom and dad are both 5’6″ . . . not a chance!”