You have a good handle on your to-do list and routinely get things done well and on time. You’re a great juggler! But do you ever find yourself in that post-lunch, blah, can’t think straight kind of place?

You’re not alone!

I know, you have a business to run and clients to serve. So how can you keep moving and stay focused when you want to crawl under the desk and nap?

This can be a challenge for serviced-based professionals, like accountants, virtual assistants, and others whose work is based on what is assigned by clients. You feel guilty if you take a break, but if you don’t you’re not doing your best work for those clients. Maybe you need to set the balls down once in a while so you don’t drop one!

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Understand that what’s happening cannot be solved by “pushing through no matter what.” Your body is telling you something when you hit that wall; it wants a rest, or water, or perhaps food. It needs an energy boost!

Author Daniel Pink, in his book When (which I highly recommend), discusses in detail the concept of Biological Prime Time. (More about this here or here.)

When you track at what times of day your brain is most able to handle certain types of tasks, you can schedule your workload around those times – better for you AND your clients!

For instance, you might be a busy virtual assistant with several client projects to accomplish. You understand their overall priorities on your to-do list, but you find it hard to get done what you need to based only on your schedule.

This is a good indicator you need to add your BPT into the mix. When you understand your own energy levels, you can plan individual tasks for when you have the most energy.

It also helps a great deal to build breaks into your schedule.

  • Get up from your desk for a moment every 30 minutes and stretch.
  • Schedule a brief rest, meditation or nap for your down time.
  • Eat a healthy mid-day meal to get fresh nutrition.

Try these suggestions for a month and see how different you feel. Remember, if you don’t fill your own well you won’t have any reserves for others!

Curious about more customized ways to manage your time? Imagine: more time for volunteering, more time for relaxation – while working less and feeling less stress!

If so, I invite you to apply for a complimentary Productivity Breakthrough session.

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