Attention: Busy Business Owners, Executives, and Solopreneurs

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Propel Your Productivity: 5 Day Delegating Workshop

How Business Owners are saving 10+ hours per week by learning how to outsource 80% of their work to team members, virtual assistants, and easy-to-use tech solutions.

Unlock your team’s potential and get your time back!


Clients Include:

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Lisa Crilley Mallis in the classroom

Owning a business doesn’t have to be a grind. Learn how to outsource 80% of your work by leveraging technology, automation, and virtual assistants.

Before joining this program, I did not realize how important it was to set boundaries when delegating a task. I now have the tools and resources that can be applied in my business, as well as my personal life. This program is a MUST for business owners! 

Jesika Keener, CMH Solutions
Jesika Keener, CMH Solutions

An Open Letter to Business Owners

To Whom It May Concern (you, if you’re reading this),

Do you feel like you are always on the clock? 

Do you KNOW there’s gotta be a way to leverage your time better but you aren’t sure where to start and can’t afford to guess?  

Do you find yourself checking email on the weekend, working through holidays, and always telling yourself that “next year will be different”?

It’s not your fault. 

Hustle Culture Has Lied To You. 

Stressed business woman

The internet is rife with people telling you that you need to just grind, work harder, and hustle if you want to “make it”.  

I used to believe this too. 

I had built a business that I love and so I convinced myself that it’s a privilege to even do what I do. 

This led to me working on weekends and missing important moments with my family. 

I remember one Sunday Breakfast I had planned with my husband. 

It’s one of our most favorite traditions. He walked out to the deck with breakfast, and I told him I’d be out in 5 minutes. 

An hour later he walks into my office and gives me a “look”. 

I missed brunch because I got sucked into work.

Though he laughed it off, I knew I couldn’t let this happen again. 

I knew there had to be a way to get a grip on my time so I could finally have BALANCE. 

Now, I hear you talking to the screen… 

“I’ve tried to delegate and outsource but I can’t make it work.”

“No one does it right but ME!” 

“I can’t afford to hire competent team members.” 

And I’m here today to tell you…


And I want to show you exactly how.

Stress-relieved business woman

That’s what led to me creating the Propel Your Productivity 5-Day Delegating Workshop.

In this workshop, you’ll go from …

  • Stressed

  • Busy

  • Having a neverending to-do list

  • Missing important life moments because you’re “always stuck in the business”

to …

  • Reducing your workload … many of my clients work 3 or 4 days a week

  • Leaving your work thoughts at the office … no more stressing at the dinner table

  • Finally taking a vacation or a break when you need it … and you’ve probably needed it for a bit

This workshop taught me how to determine what tasks I needed to delegate – and then how to easily move the items off my plate.   As a solopreneur, I am excited to have more free time for other parts of my business because I now know how to delegate to someone that I trust will get the job done for me.

Deby Lexow, LOCLE Box
Deby Lexow, LOCLE Box

How do I know if my business is “ready for delegating”?

The Propel Your Productivity 5-Day Delegating Workshop was built for business owners, solopreneurs, and busy executives just like you. 

It’s not about being ready. If you are currently working more hours in the week than you’d like, the PYP 5-Day Delegating Workshop was made specifically for YOU.

Okay I’m in, but what do I get?

The 5-Day Workshop Includes:

  • 5 days of 45-minute in-depth trainings that will teach you the EXACT framework my clients and I use to save at least 10+ hours per week.
  • You get access to my A.W.E. Framework which is the proprietary “secret sauce” to make delegating super easy.
  • You get access to the DLAP community so you can connect with other busy business owners like you and share the newest and best ideas.
  • All of my templates, frameworks, and guides to help walk you through all the concepts.
  • Access to recordings of each of the live sessions for a full 12 months (in case you miss a day or want a refresher on the training).
100% satisfaction guaranteed

100% Guarantee: We guarantee if you attend and implement our training you will save at LEAST 10+ hours per week every week. I know that’s a bold claim, so if you implement everything from the training and don’t see results within 30 days, let us know and we’ll happily give you a full refund.

Working with Lisa and her team in this workshop has really allowed me to improve my skills in very concrete ways. They give specific steps on how to identify what you should delegate, who you should delegate to, and how to follow up. I got a tremendous amount out of the workshop and I highly recommend it.

Leah Hadley, Great Lakes Investment Management and Great Lakes Divorce Financial Solutions

Before this workshop, I would get frustrated that my time wasn’t spent efficiently and my projects weren’t completed before deadlines. Now, I’m happier and more productive! Lisa and her team “unlocked the blocks” that were preventing me from delegating easily!

Amy Williams, AB Unlimited
Amy Williams, AB Unlimited

About Your Host …

Lisa Mallis of Impactive Strategies Time management and planning Coach

Meet Lisa Crilley Mallis, high school educator turned delegating expert.

For years, she was addicted to her to-do list and relentlessly pursued every task with utmost seriousness, knowing that it would directly impact her students’ future.

Despite her passion for teaching, she soon realized that she was missing out on life and the flexibility it offered. With a burning desire to make a change, she took the plunge and started her own business, seeking the freedom she craved.

But old habits die hard, and she soon found herself struggling to break free from the mindset that had governed her for so long.

The turning point came in the summer of 2011, when her husband, also a teacher, invited her to join him for breakfast on their patio. Despite her promise to join him in a minute, she got lost in her work and didn’t make it to breakfast until lunchtime.

That moment was a wake-up call, and she vowed to change her ways. She recognized that there was more to life than just ticking off items on a to-do list, and that taking a break was just as important as working hard.

With this newfound perspective, our educator-turned-entrepreneur has found the balance she was searching for.

She now runs a successful business helping others learn how to delegate and be their most productive selves without the burnout.

She also makes time for the things that matter most, like enjoying breakfast on the patio with her husband. Her story is a testament to the power of self-reflection and the importance of finding a healthy work-life balance.