I Haven’t Had a Free Moment For So Long, I’ve Forgotten What I Do For Fun!

What have you done recently just for fun?

This really isn’t a rhetorical question – I promise!

Many professionals recently returned from their National Conventions.  Big goals, audacious dreams, and L   O   N  G  to-do lists.

But, after a certain point the more you work, the less you accomplish.  I promise!  Your body and mind both need a chance to rejuvenate.

Plus, your family misses you! :)

When we can practice mindful self-care activities – we become more efficient and effective – in less time.  This is the premise behind Stephen Covey’s Sharpen the Saw Principal and Living in Quadrant 2When you take care of yourself – you can accomplish so much more.  Make it a point to schedule time for fun!

So – will you commit to doing something fun today?

  1. See a movie at the drive-in
  2. Eat a lobster with your hands
  3. Ride a rollercoaster
  4. Build a sandcastle
  5. Stargaze
  6. Go to a concert
  7. Toss a Frisbee
  8. Pick wildflowers
  9. Laugh, loud and long
  10. Splash in a puddle
  11. Take a bubble bath
  12. Watch the sunset
  13. Watch the sunrise
  14. Explore a new recipe
  15. Have a pillow fight
  16. Play Charades
  17. Make fudge
  18. Sing, loud and long

What tops your list of fun?  Please share below!