I’ve written a few posts about “being busy, busy, busy” all day long, but not making progress towards accomplishing your goals.  My advice usually boils down to – focus on your priorities and complete those tasks first.

A recap of those posts . . .

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However, I really haven’t written much on HOW to identify your priorities. 


One of the great things about the Ultimate Blog Challenge is the people you meet – and the great resource they can become.  When it comes to how to identify WHAT you are really about – I found a great series of blog posts written by MamaRed Knight.

MamaRed and I both share a passion for working smarter not harder!  And, amazingly, our answer to the question, “Which app should I use” is the same – “I don’t know – what are you trying to do?”  We are both – start with the end in mind – type gals.

What I really love about MamaRed is her ability to state it like it is!

To help me stay on the path consistent with my priorities, I’ve printed out her 10 questions – and vow to revist them often.  Each time I’m thinking of starting a new project, meeting with a new resource partner, chatting with a potential client – I’m rereading this list!

I urge you to see how many of her questions you can answer, and post your thoughts below!