A year ago I read the book Clockwork by Mike Michalowicz.

It changed my business.

It changed how I worked with clients.

It changed how I run my business.

And then one of our NAWBO Cleveland board members reached out to Mike Michalowicz to see if he would be a speaker for our group.


OK – obviously I’m a fan, and I literally counted down the days until he got to Cleveland.

Then I started to wonder . . . What if the experience of meeting him and learning from him isn’t as awesome as I’ve built it up to be? What if in my zeal I oversold his awesomeness and he disappoints the audience?

The same thing happens with your time management journey.

You find an app that you are excited about and you share it with friends.

You start to maximize your Biological Prime Time and share it with everyone in your office.

You become a delegating machine and urge everyone in your company to start to delegate.

And then you wonder . . . What if they don’t love these strategies as much as I do? What if these strategies disappoint?

Guess what – if their goal is to become more effective and efficient as yours is, then delegating, maximizing your BPT, and using the RIGHT app will be as impactful for them as it is to you.

If their goal isn’t to reduce all the stuff so they can focus on taking strategic action (and just want to be busy, busy, busy) then your suggestions will fall flat.

When you surround yourself with people who have the same philosophy, synergy happens. Awesome goals are accomplished. And it just works.

So, right now, do a quick check.

Are the 5 people you surround yourself with the most pulling in the same direction you are?

The Impact Time Collective is that group – business owners looking to reduce their time spent spinning and increase their time taking strategic action. Strong, motivated, busy individuals who just want to create a business that doesn’t suck up all their time – all the time.

Sound like something you are looking for? Schedule a time for a complimentary talk. Only two spots remain open in this cohort!

Oh – and Mike did not disappoint. In fact, he far surpassed any expectation and I am officially a fan girl!