This is Self-Improvement month.   What a wonderful opportunity to choose one area in your life to work to improve in for the next 30 days.

If you could be anything, do anything, accomplish anything – what would it be?

Close your eyes – and just dream.

What pops into your head?


Will you commit to working towards this goal each day during the next month?

Possibly at this point, you are thinking, “I set goals each year, why would I be able to accomplish this goal this month when I haven’t been successful previously?”

Maybe in the past you decided

  • To increase your income by 50%.
  • Or you made the New Year’s Resolution to spend more time with your family.
  • Or you decided to start a new business.
  • Or lose 10 pounds.
  • Or organize all your pictures.

Yet, at the end of the year, you haven’t made much (if any) progress towards accomplishing this goal. 

How can you guarantee success this month?

Your secret weapon!


Create a plan, THEN break your goal down into the next smallest action step.

What is the absolute smallest step you could take to achieve your goal?

Create a space in your schedule to complete this tiny step today.  Then determine the next tiniest step, and schedule that step for tomorrow then lather, rinse, repeat.

For example – the goal “learn ballroom dancing” is a pretty vague goal.  Some action steps that might help make this goal reality include

  • finding an instructor,
  • budgeting for the lessons,
  • determining the interest level of your spouse (if he or she is included in this plan),
  • creating space in your calendar for lessons,
  • creating space in your calendar to practice,
  • scheduling lessons,
  • purchasing shoes

Your next smallest step could be determining the interest level of your spouse.  Once you accomplish that step, then you can create and schedule the next smallest step.

Often, when we are stalled on completing a goal, it’s because we have not identified the next smallest step.  We look at “learn ballroom dancing” and think – well, that’s a great idea – I’ll start it next week.  Then next week becomes the following week and the following month and the next thing we know it’s time for New Year’s Resolutions again.

Today – create your next smallest step!

What would you like to work on for Self-Improvement Month?  What’s your next smallest step?  What other strategies have you used to successfully complete goals?  I’d love to hear – please post below.