How to Stop “Doing Things”

2016-12-07T20:00:51-05:00By |Goal Setting and Mind Set|

A while ago I ran across the quote "We have a strategic plan, it's called doing things" from Herb Kelleher.  This quote generated a blog post about the importance of action.  (Not to minimize the importance of a plan . . . but sometimes you need to "just do it" as Nike would say!) One of the responses I received after this post was, [...]

Amazing 3 Step System to Reduce Distractions – Part 2

2016-12-07T20:01:23-05:00By |Distractions and Procrastination|

Awareness * Work * Evaluation How often do you start a project only to be pulled away by people needing your attention? Earlier, I recommended following a 3 Step System to reduce distractions: Step 1 – Awareness (what distracts you and when), Step 2 – Work (how can you adjust your environment), and Step 3 – Evaluation (what is working, what isn’t). How did you do? If [...]

Fight Procrastination Day

2016-12-07T20:01:27-05:00By |Distractions and Procrastination|

How often do you procrastinate?  Once a month?  Once a week?  Once a day?  Once an hour?   Today, I challenge you to NOT procrastinate at all!!  Usually, I’m a believer in small steps (“cut your procrastination down in half” or “only allow yourself 60 minutes of procrastination today”), but today is Fight Procrastination Day – and I want you to celebrate in style. [...]

Time Management Tool – Cool Timer

2016-12-07T20:01:31-05:00By |Distractions and Procrastination, Products|

Procrastination! Distractions! Ahh . . . no matter how great you are at practicing time management strategies, sometimes even the most strategic individual falls into the deep, dark hole of procrastination. Or, possibly you are overcome with the distraction of flying "shiny objects"! Maybe you "lose" an hour on the computer updating your Facebook page. Or, possibly you decide to check email for "just a moment" and 30 minutes later you are still responding [...]

Don’t Confuse Progress with Motion – The Procrastination Dilemma

2016-12-07T20:01:33-05:00By |Distractions and Procrastination|

Alfred Montapert - "Don't confuse motion with progress - a rocking horse keeps moving but doesn't make progress." The web definition of procrastination is "the act of procrastinating; putting off or delaying or deferring an action to a later time."  I define procrastination as doing ANYTHING other than the activity you defined as you #1 activity!   Confusing motion with progress I call "productive procrastination".   [...]

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