The Secret to Creating Order from Chaos

Recently a member of a Facebook group for Virtual Assistants (I'm the Time Management expert for the group) asked this question: "Do you find that it's best to have a set schedule for every day of the week, or do your days differ because that is life?" My answer was . . . drum roll please . . . it depends! 😊 Here’s what [...]

Your Future Self Isn’t That Great

Hal Hershfield, a professor at UCLA, conducted a study on brain scans and learned something important: when you think about your present self vs. a stranger, the scans look very different. But when you think about your future self and a stranger, the scans look the same. What does this mean? According to Chris Bailey author of The Productivity Project, this means that the [...]

The Power of a Notebook

I spent a good part of the summer taking my (local) clients to lunch. It was a great experience! I'm fortunate that I only work with GREAT people...and truly enjoyed connecting with them on a personal level. Plus, I was able to get their perspective on my marketing. Who better than people that are actually your ideal people to give you insight on what [...]

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Focus Your Day With Routines

Routines, routines, routines! One of the easiest way to create lasting improvements is to build short, simple, and easy to follow routines. Having a strong morning and evening practice allows you to start (and end) the day focused on YOUR goals and feeling relaxed. AND why wouldn't you want to be focused on your goals and feeling relaxed? In this post I give some specific [...]

Are You a Planner or a Crammer?

You're productive but know you can do better and still reduce the stress of working too much. One way to do that is to play to your strengths. Become aware of the amount of time and effort it takes you to begin a task. Are you the systematic Planner, the last-minute Crammer, or a combination? All three have positive and negative characteristics. [...]

6-Step Plan to Succeed in Time Management

In previous posts I’ve talked about creating a time management system that works for you. (Read Mary's story here, for example.) You must have a plan that is simple and easy to follow - "trying harder" and "more discipline" are not the answers. When you develop strong, easy-to-implement programs and systems, you become more efficient, productive and effective. Though I’ve written about this concept [...]

Are You the Asked or the Asker?

Mary Cravets I've been fortunate to work with the AMAZING marketing and business coach Mary Cravets the past few months. As we strategically looked at my business, clients, part marketing efforts and goals we created a Marketing Blueprint of activities to accomplish each month. I love Mary's approach, as it deals with data. No second guessing. No throwing spaghetti against the wall hoping [...]

Effective Delegating: The Solution to “I Really Like Her – Do I Have to Fire Her”?

Delegating effectively is a tricky concept! If you delegate in too much detail you run the risk of annoying the person you've delegated to AND spending more time than necessary. Yet, if you don't share enough detail you run the risk of the end product not being what you want. Recently a client (we'll call her Lexi) shared her delegating challenge with me during [...]

Learn Your Time and Space Style Preferences

You are unique - your time management system should be also!  But . . . how do you know WHAT STRATEGIES will work for you? You need to understand your preferences! So, what are those preferences? Cena Block, a productivity expert and business coach, has developed a tool to guide you in determining how you like to manage your time and space. The Time [...]

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Oops, I Did It Again!

Have you ever been in the middle of a situation and thought, "I know better!  How in the world did I get here?"  This "situation" is my life this week. Let me set the stage for you . . . We left for an "impromptu mini-vacation" last week.  We left early on Thursday morning and returned in the late afternoon on Monday.  I am [...]