When I reached out to my network for stories on how “everyday people” move past a state of overwhelm, I was astounded at the responses.  Today’s guest post is from Mary Slingluff – a fabulous, energetic entrepreneur.  Here’s her story . . .

Hi Lisa!  As you can imagine, dealing with overwhelm has been a challenge I have been faced with on a daily basis with the triplets and running the business with a husband who is out of town a lot.

I have found that not looking at the big picture was very helpful.  Keep task oriented with lists that can be crossed off or carried over to the next day.  You can see how you have accomplished something concrete, even if you feel you were ineffective.

You can then see from your lists that some days were lived on a very deep level….cared for your sick child, listened to a friend, cooked for a neighbor.  It’s hard to feel overwhelmed when you are choosing what you will do each day.

Another tip, I also try not to expect perfection in anything!!! I believe in progress – not perfection.

I also try to treat myself to something when things are the hardest…a walk with the dogs in the woods, a small buy at Sephora.

The best thoughts came from my best friend, Yoli, who was 97 when she recently passed.  I would call her when I was near the edge and she would listen, and tell me that “this too shall pass”.  It always did.

Thank you, Mary, for your inspiring words!!!!!

What are your strategies for dealing with daily overwhelm in your life?  Please post below!

Avalon Gardens Nursery and Mary Slingluff – We are one in the same, my nursery and I. I farm it, nurture it and maintain over 500 varieties of perennials and shrubs. The plants are grown in sustainable conditions, with natural fertilizers and fungicides. Pests are eliminated only when absolutely necessary and with organics. I left my career at the Cleveland Clinic in 1997 to start this business. I was a clinical laboratory specialist in Cytogenetics, however, I was also the mother of a 5 year old and 3 year old triplets. I needed to follow my passion, take my kids and biological knowledge out in the field…literally! On January 1st, 1998 Avalon Gardens Inn and Nursery was born.  The farm/nursery/bed and breakfast has been a place to raise my kids, shelter my elderly mother and meet the most amazing customers and fellow green industry workers.