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This month I’m focusing on moving past overwhelm. We’ve all been there – so many activities on our plates. A recent member of the A.W.E. Challenge emailed her challenge:

Ugh  – I work 2 jobs and do a lot volunteer work ~ with one job being building a new business ~ I have a hard time prioritizing ~ I have soooo much to do ~ I’m overwhelmed and then get frustrated ~ and accomplish a very small amount and its keeps piling on ~ I feel like I’m always digging out and I’m always digging

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P.S. – My advice to this challenger. Write down all the activities you spend time on in a week. Plus all the activities you want to spend time on each week. Eating, sleeping, work, volunteering . . . Then decide the number of hours you spend/want to spend on each activity. Add them up. Subtract from 168. (The number of hours in a week.) For this challenger, the number was well above 168! Now, start adjusting. Decide if you need to devote fewer hours to certain categories, or possibly eliminate certain categories altogether. Having 180 hours in a week would be great, however, we need to live within our current reality!


When do you feel most overwhelmed?  What strategies allow you to move past the overwhelm?  Please post below!  (I have room for one more guest post!  Have a story you would like to share?  Contact me!)

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