Would you like to be a bit more proactive each day?  Yesterday I shared a story about “Sally” and her “reactive morning” and promised three simple steps you can implement to become more proactive.

  1. Think ahead. Act ahead.  A proactive person takes time every day to think critically about the activities of that day. They take time every month to think about the activities for the next month, every year to think about the activities for the next year, etc.
    • A proactive person also tries to take care of things BEFORE they become “unavoidable” problems.  If you know that every month on the third Tuesday, you have to find a baby sitter so you can go to a meeting, try to find a sitter who can be there EVERY THIRD TUESDAY. And try to find that sitter at least a full week in advance. 
  2. Expect the best, but plan for the worst.  Proactive people look at the big picture. They see what they want to achieve and make a plan to get themselves there. Then they try to find all of the potential problems and make a plan for how to overcome them.
    • You want to have a yard sale. You want plan for time on a Thursday and Friday before to prep the yard and garage for the sale. You also know that every other Friday you have a social function that requires your presence, and you know that your significant other can’t help you on a certain Thursday. You already know about these obstacles, so you pick a weekend for you sale that avoids them.   
  3. Act in a timely, effective manner.  Procrastination is not an option for a proactive person. A proactive person is decisive, and takes responsibility for their actions. They realize that NOW is the time to do x, y, and z.
    • You have to give a presentation in a meeting next week. You estimate that it will take a couple of hours of research, a couple of hours of designing and writing, and a couple of hours of practice to make it all smooth. You have 7 days until the presentation, and about 6 hours of work. Take an hour each day to work on the presentation, instead of waiting until the night before.

Wouldn’t you rather be in the driver’s seat causing things to happen rather than waiting to respond to things after they happen?

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Make things happen in your life.

Be proactive.

The stress will reduce – I promise!

Your turn – when are you the most proactive?  Please post below!

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