Today I want to introduce you to Samantha King from It’s an Entrepreneur Thing.  I’ve been following Samantha for about 6 months now and am always amazed by the amount of fabulous content she shares.  If you are an entrepreneur, or want to be an entrepreneur, I suggest you check Samantha out!

When I realized I wanted to share a post in February that played “loosely” on the theme of love – but not in the relationship arena – I immediately thought of Samantha.  The enthusiasm and compassion she exudes for the entrepreneur community can certainly be considered love.

I hope you enjoy her guest post – and please share the social media love!  Follow Samantha on TWITTER and FACEBOOK!

We all start down the road to entrepreneurship for different reasons.

Maybe you’ve been laid off.

Maybe you’re someone who’s gotten the travelling itch and wants the flexibility to work from anywhere on the planet (And haven’t we all gotten that bug once or twice???).

Maybe you’ve just had a baby, and you can’t bear the thought of returning to your previous job because it means precious moments away from your baby.

Maybe you just love the art of the HUSTLE.

Or maybe you’re like me, and you’ve decided it’s time to work towards your own goals instead of someone else’s.

Let’s be honest…whatever your reason for taking the jump…most of us have fallen in love with the idea of entrepreneurship beforehand. We fall in love with the dreams of being our own boss, setting our own schedule, and following our passions to success. (Sounds dreamy doesn’t it?)

No one’s going to lie…it is exhilarating and fulfilling. Doing something you love every day? Making money off of something you’re truly passionate about? It’s AWESOME!

But….the biggest message any entrepreneur will give you is: