Independence Day!  The “pressure” I faced as I sat down to write this post!  “Should” I write a post about the struggle for freedom and independence? (it is a big deal after all)  “Should” I be creative and somehow link the festivities of the 4th of July to time management? (bloggers are “supposed” to be creative after all and it’s important that my tribe gets value from my content)  I started to drive myself a little bonkers with all the “shoulding” I was doing!  (Which I’m sure will become a post for another day!)

So – no more “shoulding” I’m going to just be ME and write about the first thing that comes to mind today –  FIREWORKS!


I love, love, love fireworks!

Fireworks represent happiness, excitement, summer, success, and fun!  After this week, they also represent excellent customer service.

I’ve been working with a fabulous coach, Stephanie LH Calahan (if you are looking for a business transformation catalyst I highly recommend her – but, again, a post for another day!)  As a bonus to the work we’ve been doing together, she created a mind movie for me.  This powerful video includes images, afformations, and inspiring music – all personalized to support me on my path to be the best time strategy visionary I can be.   (Curious about how afformations differ from affirmations – check out Noah St. John’s work!)

Was creating an external support system (which is main purpose of this movie) part of the program we designed when we decided to work together? Absolutely not!  Am I excited and grateful she created this awesome resource for me as I claim and live in my brilliance?  Absolutely!  Would I have thought less of her had she NOT created it?  Absolutely not!  Am I impressed by her thoughtfulness and willingness to go above a beyond?  Absolutely!

What have I learned? 

To truly serve my clients – I need to continue to stretch myself to create and offer personalized, high quality programs, content, and support.  Each and every day, each and every encounter.

What does this have to do with fireworks? 

Because fireworks represent happiness, excitement, summer, success, and fun, Stephanie put tons of images of fireworks in my movie.  Thus showing she “gets me” – another characteristic of great customer service!


What does excellent customer service look like for you?  Do you like fireworks?  I sure would love it if you posted below with your thoughts and comments!