If you search Google for the phrase “Accountability and Goals” you will get 39 million hits. Apparently these two go together, but the big question is, why? Why is being accountable so important when it comes to setting and achieving goals?

The short answer is this:
Having an accountability system and setting goals are like making s’mores. You can have s’mores without the marshmallows or the chocolate, but this tasty graham cracker sandwich just doesn’t take as good!  By the same token, you can choose to create the life of your dreams, but unless you set realistic goals AND find some way to stay accountable, it’s just not  . . . good.


The long answer is that there are a three reasons to have a strong accountability system in place when you are trying to achieve any goal.

  1. Accountability helps you stay focused.  When you have a good accountability system in place, you are more likely to stay focused. You have an plan for your action steps and a plan to help you stay on track. Staying on track means applying laser focus towards accomplishing your goal and NO distractions – allowing you to reach your goal faster!  (We’ve all been distracted by the next “great idea”!)  [su_spacer size=”30″]
  2. Accountability keeps you moving forward when the going gets tough.  You’ve set a goal. You have an action plan. You are making some progress. Then, all of a sudden, you hit a wall, an obstacle, a challenge.  You are at risk of having your progress come to a screeching halt! If you have a way of staying accountable, it won’t matter how “tough” the path is, you created a support system to help you keep moving. [su_spacer size=”30″]
  3. Accountability keeps you moving forward when the excitement fades.  The definition of responsible is, “being the primary cause of something and so able to be blamed or credited for it.” When you are being held accountable for something, you gain a sense of responsibility for your actions. You have that little extra “oomph” for when the current goal isn’t as exciting as what the next goal “could” be.
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There are two main types of accountability: internal and external.

  • Internal accountability means that you are keeping yourself accountable. For some goals, this is enough. Your commitment to be true to your values and keep your promises is one of the most valuable tools in your tool box.  [su_spacer size=”30″]
  • But sometimes, it isn’t quite enough. That’s when we need to have an external accountability system in place. We need to surround ourselves with people, culture, and physical reminders that will help us achieve our goals.

Often, an external accountability system involves a good coach or partner who will provide you with validation, clear measurements of progress, and most importantly, that extra support you need when the progress isn’t smooth.

If your goals and achievements are important to you, you will set up a strong system of accountability that consists of both internal and external forces. Those forces will be the momentum that will drive you towards achieving your goals!

I’m curious – what types of accountability do you use when you are striving to finish your next big goal?  Please post below!

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