Maximize productivity and bring work/life priorities back into balance.

Our process works through uncovering the real obstacles impeding your productivity and plots the steps toward improvement.

Time Thief Eliminator

The Time Thief Eliminator is a deep-dive interview. You share what is stopping you from getting everything you want accomplished, and review your productivity systems and habits. The Time Thief Eliminator is the first step in our A.W.E. choice management process.

What You Get

  • During our 60-minute Zoom interview, we’ll uncover your unique time-saving opportunities by reviewing your goals and what is and what isn’t getting done. This interview investigates the top eleven productivity categories that are stealing your time.
  • A written brief that identifies your unique Productivity Bottleneck and a plan to move forward.
  • A 30-minute Zoom follow-up call to talk through the brief and answer your questions.



Not sure if a Time Thief Eliminator is right for you? Schedule a quick chat with Lisa here to figure it out.

say goodbye to unchecked to do lists overflowing inboxes missed deadlines

I now have an actionable plan I can put into place to have more time for myself

Taking the Time Thief Eliminator Assessment was a stretch for me — I wasn’t really looking forward to shining a light on the truth of how I’m actually spending my time. It is so much easier just to sweep everything under the rug and hope tomorrow will look different. However, I knew I needed to do something to get my time back – I was working way too many hours each day.  I was so relieved after I got the results back because now I have an actionable plan I can put into place to have more time for myself.

Reaped huge rewards in my focus, efficiency, and well-being

As an entrepreneur, I have 100% control over where I put my time and attention. However, until I sat with Lisa to go through my Time Thief Eliminator report, I had no visibility or understanding of where I could regain time and energy in my day. My light bulb moment was seeing how much of my time management was happening in my head which was causing me unnecessary anxiety, the occasional dropped ball, and that middle-of-the-night panic. This a-ha moment allowed me to make a small change — that has reaped huge rewards in my focus, efficiency, and well-being.