Profitable Productivity SOP: Streamline Activities & Maximize Team Efficiency

Does Your Team Have More Work Than Time? Create an environment where everyone can breathe, conquer critical initiatives, and experience financial growth.

When you and your team have time to think and be strategic, great things can happen in your business.

  • Innovative projects
  • Raving clients
  • Worry-free workforce

Of course, you can’t accomplish this if you are scrambling to keep up, churning in the weeds, and looking at a never-ending to-do list.

This short video series and tutorial walks you step-by-step through how to reduce the amount of “stuff” everyone has on their plate by showing you how to identify:

  • Activities to eliminate
  • Opportunities to automate
  • What to delegate

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Your Productivity Expert

Lisa Crilley Mallis works with service-based business owners who want to transform busy-ness into strategic action and add freedom and flexibility back into their workday. She understands that by doing it all, they consistently work nights and weekends, losing the joy they felt when they first started their business.

Amy Williams Testimonial

I would get frustrated that my time wasn’t spent efficiently and my projects weren’t getting completed before deadlines… Lisa and her team “unlocked the blocks” that were preventing me from having a fulfilling and productive day!

Amy Williams, AB Unlimited
Lisa’s unique approach has transformed my time management. Distractions no more! She gave me back almost a full day a week in time! I now have more time to focus on my business and enjoy its growth.
Chris Hanus, President & CEO, CMH Solutions
Chris Hanus, President / CEO, CMH Solutions

Lisa and her team helped me get there more effectively. And now I feel like I can communicate with each of my staff in their preferred way to get the job done.

Kim Skala, Owner, Skala Insurance Agency