Business Transitions: Tag – You’re IT!

2022-07-25T13:03:42-04:00By |Checklists & Systems, Leadership|

When you are a one-woman show, you don’t really need to worry about transitions and things falling through the cracks. As long as you have a better-than-average capture system, you can reasonably expect to stay on top of most of the details in your business. But, the thing about one-woman shows ... you are doing it ALL. This means you are limited in the [...]

If I Only Had an Extra Hour…

2020-02-24T10:04:25-05:00By |Productivity|

I start most of my workshops asking the attendees what they would do if they had an extra hour each day. The #1 answer . . . sleep! WOW - even though I know that answer is coming, it still shocks me each time. How frustrating that we have created such a busy life that our basic need for sleep isn’t even being met! [...]

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